Friday, March 18, 2011

English Lesson

A funny thing happened while Ben and I were in the car today that I knew had to be shared. We were talking about finding Ben's missing jacket and he said, "My clothes were thrown halfhazardly." I thought he was joking and just laughed and said, "You mean haphazardly?" His response was, "Haphazardly? Halfhazardly. Halfhazardly." You could see the panic in his face as he kept repeating the word and realizing his mistake. "You mean you don't pronounce the ph together?" I had to promise him about three or four times that I was not just pulling his leg. I love moments like these, because the thing about living with Ben is that he is always right. That's great for him, but sometimes it's nice to have change. However, when we got home, we looked up the word "haphazardly" on the internet. We found a site with audio clips of the word correctly pronounced. This particular site had one in American English and one in British English. Lo and behold, we listened to the British one and the woman said, "halfhazardly." Ben's response? "I'm British!"

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