Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ben's adventure

Ben spent last week in Ukraine working on a movie. I know what you're thinking--doesn't he work for an accounting firm? (Actually if you know that, that's impressive because I have a hard time explaining what he does). Our brother in law is making a movie set in Russia, and Ben went over with them to help translate/find locations/basically do anything an English speaking person has difficulty doing in a Russian speaking country. It was originally supposed to be in Russia, but because of the difficulty of getting visas they went to Ukraine instead. He was kept very busy and had a lot of fun.

A view of Kiev

On his way back, he had an extra long layover in Amsterdam, so he got to spend the day exploring the city. He sat in a cafe, met some artists, wandered around, had some cheese, got mistaken for a native Dutchman, and bought me some tulips. These are some of my favorite pictures.

I must say, that while I love my job of being a mom, I'm ready for my solo vacation. This year alone, Ben has been to Amsterdam, Kiev and Disneyworld. Lucky duck. So now it's my turn. I'm thinking spa resort in Palm Springs? Or maybe villa in Italy.

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  1. so much fun!! I agree.. you deserve a solo vacation!