Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trips and Stuff

It always seems like nothing happens for a long time, and then all of a sudden there are three or four things to report on.  Maybe it's just me procrastinating a post. But this might be another lone one....

Last week, Ben's sister Lora got married in Logan, UT. We flew out for the event, which was beautiful, and we're excited to have Will in the family.  I'm mostly excited not to be the new one anymore.  It was also nice to get to see the whole family, even though it had only been a little over a month since we had seen the Utah Fishers (and Battys).

On our way out to Utah, we spent a couple of days in Chicago for Ben's work. I went out to Rockford and stayed with my Aunt Mariah for those few days.  This is my cousin Spencer, who's 3, and he and I are the "bookends" of the grandchildren.  We were watching Cars, hence the grin on his face.

The timing worked out that my mom was up there as well, so it was nice to get to see her and be spoiled by the excited grandmother-to-be.  Of course, that did mean that Ben and I had to spend about 48 hours apart....

In other good news, this week we were finally able to find an apartment! It's taken what feels like forever, with a lot of searching and even more waiting--owners in Detroit are notoriously bad at responding or making decisions of any kind. But we found a cute place with a great manager who actually responds, and we're moving in next weekend. But I'll talk more about that later.

I realize I've been bad about posting pictures of myself lately.  People are very surprised to find out that I still have seven weeks left, and we're often asked if we're having twins. Almost every time I meet another pregnant woman, not only am I bigger than her, but she is usually due before me.

Such was the case in our birthing class today.  The class was very educational; we learned a lot about when will happen, how to know when to go to the hospital, helpful breathing, etc.  I admit, it was a bit emotional for me to watch videos of women huffing in pain, knowing I'll soon be doing the same thing.  But we're so excited for our baby to come--I'm getting very impatient for him to get here.

But back on track.... I've decided not only to post a couple of pictures, but also a nice video of me doing DDR.  Our date last night included going to this arcade with antique games (in addition to a few more recent ones)--it was a pretty cool place.

This was an old moving picture machine that played the Phantom of the Opera when you spun the wheel.

I don't even remember what this guy did, but we did find out that Ben is a flirty lover while I am amorous and like oatmeal, whatever that means....

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  1. YOU WERE IN UTAH AND DIDN'T TELL ME!!?!?!?!?!?!!!?