Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Name Calling

There's an interesting thing about Detroiters that I've noticed lately. Henry and I walk around a lot, and people here are friendly and often say hi. The difference between Detroit and anywhere else I've lived is that people call you what they think you are. For example, I have heard pretty, baby, beautiful, mama, girl. That last one may sound like stating the obvious, but there's something about the way they stretch it out into "giiiirrrrrl" that makes it sound more descriptive than it actually is.

The level of creepiness varies on the person saying it (as well as their tone of voice). I'm actually surprised by how many young men have said "Hey baby" to me and not creeped me out. I honestly think they're just being polite. But still, it often catches me off guard. And what should I respond to that? Good afternoon youth. Hello hoodlum. Good day wrinkly old man.

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  1. Ha, this was enjoyable. Quite.

    I say "hey baby" to Violet all the time, and recently she has started to say it back. When I say it, it is kind of in that annoying mom voice, all high pitched, you know? But when Violet says it, it is very much in a... I don't know, flirty (?) sort of way? Anyways, yes, funny.