Monday, March 22, 2010

Title Contest

Ben and I have been having a bit of trouble coming up with a good title for our blog. We've gone from cheesy to simple to even more cheesy (as you can see). So in the name of democracy, I think the best thing to do is to open ideas up to the people for a vote. Unfortunately, there are no canditates as of right now. If there were we wouldn't really need you. And I also know that we don't really have any readers yet since we haven't told anybody about the blog. So maybe this isn't so democratic after all. But I have a feeling that by the time we are discovered, there will still be no legitimate title (sorry, Ben) for our blog. If you can provide a good suggestion, we will use it, either forever or until we get a better suggestion, whichever comes first. That's pretty much all we can offer.
Let the voting begin.


  1. You can always do something clever/snarky with know :) Or simple stuff like: Ben and Megan, just us, the Fishers...sorry, that's all I got, I used my only clever idea on my own blog :)

  2. I asked David, and he suggests "Bunn and Benin Garraw!"