Monday, November 19, 2012

Lighting up (a tree)

The Detroit Christmas tree was lit up this weekend, and because of Ben's work, we got into an event held by United Way. It was great--good food, lots of desserts, fancy dinner for professionals and a fun room for kids. There were all kinds of activities like coloring, cookie decorating, and a photo booth. We mostly stayed in the kids room...

We tried to get Henry's face painted, but every time the brush went near his face, he turned to look at it. We gave up after a few attempts.

He picked up these two rolls and it was awhile before he paid attention to anything else.

There was a man doing balloon animals. Henry got a candy cane, though we had to carry it around until he was done eating.

Still eating a roll...

Ben guarded the candy cane while Henry's hands were full of bread.

Henry was very popular with the adults and kids. Young kids about his size (but usually six months to a year older) would walk up to him and point at him or talk to him. One little girl kept giving him hugs.

Last year we took a picture in front of this tree, but we were outside and it was freezing. And I was 8 months pregnant. And Ben had a mustache. This year was much better.

The tree lighting festival is by far the best thing Detroit does. The city is all lit up and alive. It's one of the very few times that it's actually full of people (despite how it looks in this picture)

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