Thursday, October 25, 2012


Uncle Josh spent the week with us, since he is going on his mission to Brazil in two weeks. We tried to keep him busy and show him the good sights of south eastern Michigan.

Henry has been practicing walking with shoes. He likes to stretch first so he doesn't pull any muscles

Henry also enjoyed his first doughnut and apple cider at the Cider Mill. I should say he gobbled down two bites and then became indignant when we didn't give him more. Mmm sugar.

Part of the Cider Mill was a nature walk. Josh and I kept asking what it was leading to and Ben had to explain that nature walks don't necessarily go anywhere.

Pumpkin carving. Always a good fall activity. I won't bias you by pointing out that the one on the bottom is the best. (Editor's note: The awesome one in the top left is a man with suspenders and a bowtie).

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