Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Couch

If there's one thing that Ben is good at, it's finding good deals.  Free engagement and wedding pictures, a cheap dress... all things made possible by Ben.  This week he has started devoting his time to finding us cheap furniture.  Yesterday we acquired our first piece of furniture together as a couple--a couch.  While this might not seem very exciting to everyone, we found it an important step to becoming adults.  It was offered online for free; we had to borrow Sherrie's van to pick it up, plus we had to drive all the way to Park City, so all in all it was about $30. And definitely worth it--this couch is going to contribute to a lot of refreshing naps in the next few years. Point, Ben.


  1. Brings back memories of our first couch. We justt got rid of it after 12 yrs of marriage. May yours bring you such joy. As for names for your blog try: Ben+Meg=2 or the Traveling Duet. I don't know, because as you can see with our blog, the title is not too creative. Have fun in the blogging world. It's fun reading everyone's updates.

  2. Hmmm who helped Ben find the free wedding photography I wonder